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How To Avoid Scams in Cambodia & Thailand

The people I have met while traveling throughout southeast Asia are some of the most humble and genuine beings on the planet. Yet despite this, one thing that holds constant is that there are always a few bad ones in the bunch. And where there are tourist there are scams.

Several Scams I encountered in Thailand and Cambodia 

  1. Taxi from airport to Pattaya. 1200 to 1400 baht…taxi asked for 2000 and covered meter. I gave him 1800.
  2. Border/ Visa Scam
  3. Fake stamps at the Thailand/ Cambodia border. You make it in but immigration can tell on impact when you’re trying to leave. 
  4. Renting a scooter bike and accusing of damage and asking for money. Lied about going to the police and asked for money. Held passport. 
  5. Tuk Tuk man taking us to the “tour boat pier and quoted 2000 for 2 people. Boat Shuttle one way is less than 100 baht. 

Its a fine line between being assertive in an environment you’re not totally familiar with and being rude.

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