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Traveling Is Not a Field That Requires Competition.

I remember maybe just 2 years ago, I was following only 2 travelers on my instagram , Glo and Oneika. Two very different women with 2 similarities…they were black women and were well traveled, a lot of times off the beaten path. I enjoyed reading their stories and experiences and I still do. They didn’t boast about the most expensive hotels or the best all inclusive resorts with bottomless margaritas. They went out to see the world for what it truly was and like anyone else, took pictures to document their time doing so. These are the type of people I enjoy following on social media. People with stories to tell…and not just glamorous shits to show off. 

Now, if you go on Instagram, it’s saturated with social media moguls baiting you to buy a new and expensive camera or fly Delta first class instead of Spirit. I for one am not rich and despite popular beliefs, I fly coach. Why? Because sometimes it’s not about the destination as it is so much about the journey. And as long as you make it from point A to point B in my very humble opinion, then how you do so, shouldn’t be something you’re ashamed of. I’d say the same thing to the strippers in Atlanta trying to make it through grad school. 

Instagram is currently my favorite app because I’ve made genuine connections through the platform with people from literally every continent who are in sync with the way I travel and the fact that sometimes I stay in Hostels. 

Favorite hostel to date was in Phuket Town, Thailand.

I think it’s strange to spend 5000 on a drone when you’ve barely made it to the Bahamas or anywhere for that matter. Use what you have and enjoy the journey. Don’t let the hashtags #ad and #blogger confuse you into thinking that “traveling “ is a field that requires competition. 

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