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Moving My Little Sister Into College- Check. Conquering Washington D.C- Pending.

As summer comes to a close and students all over the country return back to school, I found myself doing the same, well sort of.

Because with me as your big sister, I get it. Life is hard.

Last year my sister started her first year at George Washington University in D.C. I had initially planned to help her move in however plans changed and I had to fly back to China earlier than expected.

But this time would be different! Not only would I be moving her in (second time’s the charm) but I figured this would be a grand time to be a tourist and see the sights.

Not far from the university we booked a few nights at Hotel Lombardy. walking into the hotel, you instantly recognize the historic charm but the staff were far from old and uptight.

I felt like a duchess as the doors swung open and a friendly door man hauled my bags away.

Come through portrait mode

Regretting not bringing my camera on the trip, Walter at the front desk offered to capture my excitement at being in D.C (rather, he was sympathetic that my sister didn’t feel like taking any pictures for me).

Nonetheless, he did not hesitate to take me outside where the sun was shining, and caught some great angles, by any means necessary (Walter got in the street for me chile!)

We were then escorted to the elvators that were so charming and quaint, and rode it to the 9th floor.

I think my favorite part of the room was the bathroom. It had aesthetics that reminded me of my childhood…white tiles, vintage faucet knobs and large light bulbs you’d find on a makeup vanity that illuminated my runny mascara more than I hoped.

After setting our things down, my mom and I decided to find a quick bite to eat. While walking towards the metro, my mom “casually” mentions that the Peace Corps headquarters was around the next corner.

Almost everyone who knows me knows how passionate I am about international ngos and humanitarian based organizations.

Even though I had applied for the Peace Corps right after college and was rejected, I still haven’t been deterred from applying again all so that I can go into this world and make a difference.

Sitting outside was a homeless man who casually commented on my mom’s low hair cut.

“You see that there, that low hair cut…don’t gotta worry bout nothing”

Then he turned his attention to me…

“Now you see them braids you got, you gotta pay a house note to get those there done. You gotta be grateful with what you got…”

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