Birthday Surprise in Shanghai

Some familiar faces, some new, all love and good energy

This post is so necessary, not to commemorate another year around the sun but to show my gratefulness to having found such a loving and supportive community in a place I would have never imagined finding one 3 years ago.

My 26th birthday began with me being unemployed, lost, confused yet hopeful. I adapted the mantra “walk by faith” wholeheartedly because some how, after being unemployed for the past 6 months, life seemed to still be working out.

I came back to Shanghai maybe 2 weeks shy of my birthday. I didn’t have anything planned since I was in the process of “getting myself together”.

The morning of my birthday I woke up to pouring rain, the type that forms sillouhetes of rivers on your car window. I checked the weather to see that the showers would last all day. I was told I was just going to a brunch, table for two.

Surprisingly, I didn’t let the rain get me down. I was tired of feeling sorry for myself and so I claimed the day as my own because shouldn’t we all own at least our birthdays?

I wasn’t too familiar with this side of town near the South Huangpi metro but was pleasantly surprised to get out of our car under the protection of a large archway. I can’t quite remember what floor we went up to as I was busy trying to balance myself in heels…something I rarely wore these days due to unreliable pavements. And as I was slowly taking in the impressive decor, I rounded a corner and was met with cheers and a surprise so loud it alerted the entire restaurant to my appearance.


Free flow mimosas and chicken and waffles

I hugged everyone and thanked everyone for coming out on my behalf. The shots started to get ordered and staying true to my aging self, I could only handle about 1.5 shots but the mimosas were superb.

Even with the unlimited mimosas, I felt like I barely touched my glass. I was so busy beaming with appreciation.

I caught Jarvis, who I had met shortly before my birthday last year and we talked about the weather. He said something that resonated with me, because its something I had embodied earlier that morning. “You’ve got to enjoy the rainy days too”. Coming from someone who had also lived in Seattle (one of the rainiest cites in the U.S) I couldn’t agree more.

This bunch always keeps me laughing

From South Africa, the US, Cameroon, France, hell I could even say the moon, my 26th birthday left me in a great mood.

I even risked my knees later that evening by attempting multiple Vosho (a South African dance move) dance moves. In my next life, I hope I come back South African so I too, can have knees of steel or at least as Meg The Stallion.

This girl has literally organized my past 3 birthdays. Let’s talk about love

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