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A Shanghai Homecoming

The first week of October in China is the anniversary of China’s communist party thus a national holiday. For 7 days citizens flock to the big cities to enjoy some time off and usually me and friends from my expat community use the opportunity to travel.

This year was different as alot of us opted to stay. This time is also very tedious for many foreigners as the police up their quotas and unjust excuses for deporting non citizens. We were loosing someone close to our community and decided to send them off in style through a “Homecoming” themed week.

What was meant to separate us brought us closer together through endless going away dinners, drinks, parties, brunches and impromptus sleepovers.

Just smiling from gratefulness is all

It was a time for me to meet a handful of new people who today feel like i’ve known them for years. We started the first night at Chair Club, a local bar and music club. People were spilling out the doors, into the open air as music rang out. Inside Kierra, stage name SupaStar Defined gave a heartfelt show that ended in a standing ovation.

Kierra always brought the crowd to Chair on the weekends

After the show, it was maybe thirty of us looking for the “next move”. The Didi’s (Chinese uber) were called as everyone finished off drinks and headed to a crowd favorite, Found 158. It hard to describe the location as an everyday bar street. There are bars, lounges, eateries, Shisha lounges and clubs all spacially organized into an area, creatively cut into the ground of an unseeming park.

If it weren’t for the line of Taxis and lights protruding from the massive whole in the ground, it would be easy to miss.

Azande stays slayed and the life of the party

The night what steamy, loud, festive and full of laughter lasting well past 3 am that night. I think myself fell asleep in the back of the taxis from sheer fatigue and arrived at my place just in time to see the sun rise sometime after 5.

Strap up/ ATL love

I had been trying for the better part of the month to get everyone together for a competitive go karts race and my hardwork finally paid off. Not only did we invite some guys we met at the Mexican spot, The Cactus, but after wing not everyone came along though not everyone drove.

The guys didn’t think I was a hardcore racer…The additional Long Islands I won would like to concur

We had drinks and about 3 rounds so in the end we couldn’t’ exactly place who came in first place but I will say I was in a strong second place. And I don’t promote drinking and driving but, this was a safe place with staff ready at a moments notice to rearrange cars that got caught up in fender benders.

In the end, just getting so many people from different backgrounds together, is always a heartwarming experience.

One afternoon we came out for more of a family friendly day at the courts. Lo, one of the guys in our group who’s also here playing professional basketball, rented out a court for some friendly street ball. While the guys and girls were playing way out of my range, I enjoyed helping some of the babies dunk on the kid’s nets and catching up with some of my girls.

You ever been to a Homecoming without greeks? Yea me neither
Accurate representation of Life kicking my butt

Melanin and Henny Milkshakes

My expat life wouldn’t be what it is today without the people i’ve met along the way.

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