Seeking Shinnell is dedicated to the pursuits of exploring positive growth in oneself through all walks of life. It focuses on travel as a medium of encompassing positive outlooks through diving into one’s spirit and that of other cultures. Through sourcing and exploring the world one destination at a time, Seeking Shinnell symbolizes the constant need in life to take in your surroundings, be present, and reflect therefore centering yourself and discovering elements previously unknown.

Everything in life is a learning experience, so live a little and smile more!


Hello, my name is Shinnell Copeland. My roots hail from New York to Atlanta to Shanghai. I always liked to think that my first love in life was travel. I would flip through pages in magazines that highlighted places I could only reach by closing my eyes. But before I could transport myself figuratively and in reality, I fell in love with people’s voices, written in books and broadcasted on tv screens.

It has taken me many years to appreciate the gift and privilege of literacy; the ability to use my voice and share stories that will reach people around the world so that one day they could make their dreams their realities too.